defining cultural insights
IM is a creative insights development and cultural lab agency.
  • Culture
  • Products
  • Channels
  • Environment
  • Costumes
  • Cultural Meanings
  • Shopping Habits
  • Eating Habits
  • Decision Making Process
IM was founded in 2001 by Claudio Perez-Korinko  with the objective of capturing experiences at the intersection of culture, human and product in the U.S. Latino and Latin American marketplace.

We gather intelligence based on what Latinos do as opposed what they say they do and we customize our projects based on clients' needs.           
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We use culture as an organizational tool at the micro and macro level to maximize the development of actionable-cultural insights.

We don't exercise the "they all speak Spanish approach."


We create new and unconventional ways to understand the settings and situations in which consumers make purchases and use products and services.

We embrace context to fully understand consumer behavior!


We put on the customer's shoes to become part of his/her experience or journey.

We shine on producing unfiltered intelligence and telling the relevant cultural story.


We look for patterns, correlations, parallels, imbalances, gestures and the smallest details exercise by consumers to define behavior.

We close the gap between what is said and what is being actually done!!