Latino Consumer

Latino consumers in the United States are redefining tradition, gender role, family structure, language usage, technology usage, religion, sexual orientation and lifestyle.
Claudio can address a broad range of Latino consumer topics but not limited to:
  1. Latino sub-cultures 
  2. Segmentation
  3. Shopping behavior
  4. Technology usage
  5. Media consumption
  6. Content consumption
  7. Marketing and advertising planning
  8. Social media and respective platforms 
  9. Cultural branding
  10. Profitability by vertical
  11. Marketing research
  12. Relationship, engagement and loyalty
Claudio can address a company's internal and external challenges influencing positioning in three areas:
  1. Macro:  connect with the Latino customers in the multi-cultural traditional and virtual marketplace.
  2. Organizational: connect Latino customers with those in the company who add value to products and services consumed by Latinos.
  3. Micro: connect with each other in the multicultural company to serve Latino customers.
Brands are challenged in the way they communicate with Latinos and without a customized cultural marketing plan, brands are living on borrowed time.​
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The Innovator
Claudio a is a forward-thinker, culture guru and passionate for understanding the process of how culture influences the way Latinos interact with brands.
With a combination of innovative observational research methodologies, self-developed-culture-analysis tools and case studies, Claudio helps marketers and advertisers understand the new dimension in cultural-branding. ​
Baker University is Claudio's Alma Mater and he is often a marketing lecturer in marketing, advertising and marketing research in BBA and MBA programs.
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